Making of NX13

NX13 Making of bipedrobot made with M5 Atom

Making of NX13


 1. Overview
 2. Components
 3. About M5Atom
 4. Designed by Fusion 360
 5. Assembly
 6. Control App for macOS
 7. Control by Blynk
 8. Sketch
 9. Motion check

1. Overview

I made a biped robot with the smallest M5Atom series M5Atom Matrix in the M5Stack series.

2. Components

2)Servo FITEC FS90 x6
3)Battery x3

The wiring is as follows.

3. About M5Atom

I wrote about M5Atom on my blog, so please see here.

4.Designed by Fusion 360

I used Fusion 360 for structural design.
NX13_02 NX13_03


During assembly, I had a hard time pushing the servo cable.
Rubber is attached to the soles of the feet to prevent slipping.
NX13_06 NX13_07 NX13_08 NX13_05

5.Control App for macOS

This time I created the motion using my own macOS application.

6.Control by Blynk

This time, the control uses the iPhone application called Blynk.
I wrote about Blynk on my blog, so please refer to it.

Blynk uses 6 buttons.
NX13_11 NX13_12


I wrote Sketch of details on the blog, so please refer to that.
Sketch for motion creation
Sketch for Blynk

8.Motion check

The robot can walk forward and backward, walk left and right, and raise and lower the left and right hands according to the operation of Blynk.


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