Making of NX18

NX18 Making of bipedrobot made with M5Atom

Making of NX18


 1. Overview
 2. Components
 3. About M5Atom
 4. Designed by Fusion360
 5. Assembly
 6. Control App for macOS
 7. Control by Dabble
 8. Sketch
 9. Motion check

1. Overview

I made a biped robot with the smallest M5Atom series M5Atom Matrix in the M5Stack series.
NX18_04 NX18_05

2. Components

1)M5Atom Matrix
2)Servo TowerPro MG90D x6
3)Battery Lithium Ion 16340(With protection circuit)x13
4)PCA9685Servo driver board
5)DCDC board LXDC55
6)Ultrasonic distance sensor HC-SR04

The wiring is as follows.

3. About M5Atom

I wrote about M5StickC on my blog, so please see here.

4.Designed by Fusion360

I used Fusion 360 for structural design.

Also, I put the STL for 3D printed parts on GitHub, so please refer to it.

STL for 3D printed parts Github


The contents were pushed in like this.
NX18_06 NX18_07 NX18_08

Servo cables are cut and bundled.

5.Control App for macOS

This time I created the motion using my own macOS application.

6.Control by Dabble

This time, the control uses the iPhone application called Dabble.
I wrote about Dabble onmy blog, so please refer to it.



I wrote a detailed sketch on Github, so please refer to that.

Walking motion sketch Github

8.Motion check

It can be operated with Dabble to walk back and forth, walk left and right, and swing left and right.

It can move back and forth, left and right, turn left and right continuously

Added motion to avoid obstacles with ultrasonic distance sensor

Move the center of gravity using M5Atom's IMU


  • 2022.8.27Add some videosNEW 
  • 2022.7.8Created a page for making of bipedrobot with M5Atom<

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